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The English word "luxury", in Italian - "di lusso", in Spanish - "de lujo", but in any language of the world it means "distinguished by high quality".

The international trade and industry association Delfin Group has its own version of the translation: LUXE is a high-quality engine oils and special fluids created using the latest technologies on high-performance production lines of a domestic manufacturer.

The first and fundamental division that became part of the Delfin Group Worldwide structure was the company that produces lubricants under the Luxoil brand. Due to the renewal of production facilities and the introduction of a new quality control system, oils of this brand have become of unique characteristics and are a strong competitor to leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In 2008, Luxoil rebranded its products bringing a new name LUXE to the oil market. The changes in working with the brand have allowed the transition of products to a new level of development, without changing visual presentation.

Today, Delfin Industry produces more than 100 types of LUXE branded products on modern equipment in close cooperation with American specialized companies. The company's quality management system is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate of compliance.

During the first and second waves of coronavirus infection, industrial facilities were decontaminated with Anolit ANK Super disinfectant.

LUXE — time to move ahead!